Bubble Waves ~ Tyflow Experiments Continued
The goal here was to create a number of intimate style frames for the video. Coming from an Architectural Visualization background I'm constantly having to have a push and pull with clients about how much to show. Here on my own I'm able to shift from larger overall representations of the project to very intimate closeups. It's fun to look at things that way. It's also nice to try and make materials that hold up at close proximity.
With the video, for a post on Instagram, I originally had it with no sound, but then I've been really trying to find things that fit these little looping studies. After going through a number of files and alternatives, I found a few clips that I thought fit together to make this overall composition. I think the breathing nature of the chords fits well with the undulations of the waves. The length and layout of the audio were actually all done in Premiere Pro. BTW, it loops.

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